Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 10: The Kadaichaman Enters with a nod

You see for a moment  an olde olde wizened man who sits on the ground and seems a part of it and who holds a bone in one hand and has a long hollowed tree branch by his feet with designs carved on its outside of snakes and kangaroos and emus that seem to writhe and change... next to it are a pair of pointed and designed sticks .. whirled with lines and dots..
Sitting on one thigh is a leaf shaped piece of wood with some twine attached to a hole at one end.
He smiles and nods at you.  In the distance you see a pavillion and in the centre a woman dressed in black.
She is casting a circle of protection that seems to bring in visions of somewhere else.. of seasons where trees drop their leaves.replacing the trees of duller green that are here all year round.. and of snow.  of a long hard winter and a shorter summer. Of trees bare of leaves and then of buds and flowers..It flickers and overlays the landscape.  The energies move in the opposite circling direction and the season changes so you see snow and cold overlay the hot australian summer..The animals seem to change and shift into animals that seem different to the kangaroo,, the emu,, the wombat.  The olde man looks over to the circle and shakes his head.  He picks up the leaf shaped piece of wood and moves to the outside of the circle. He bows at the woman in the centre and you see appear in his hands a piece of bark with food and a couple of items in it.  He offers it towards the woman who looks towards him but does not appear to see him through the haze of the otherworld she is setting up.  He smiles and tries to walk in but is balked..  He steps back puzzled and waves at the woman in black.  She does not appear to see him.  He sighs and starts whirling the leaf shaped wood round his head at the end of the twine.  You hear  a dull deep roaring sound that seems to shake your teeth. It whirls round your head,, you look and see animals looking towards the olde man .. and you see spirits of snakes and beings being drawn out of the earth and the skye.  Yet the woman in black seems oblivious.  The olde man dances round the circle poking at it with his bone that seems to shift to the vision of a long wooden spear,  he stands back .. the spear changes to  a crescent shaped piece of wood that he hurls at the circle. Sparks of energy  spurt out and the object whirls around the circle and returns to the olde mans hand.. Yet you notice that the energy of the circle is not consistent and it wavers and wobbles.  The olde man smiles at you and winks.. looks at the circle again and you see a smile on his face.  The vision fades and you come back to the circle, waiting for the ritual to begin.

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