Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 9: You enter the story (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

Play a whimsy with me for a moment.  Imaginethat you are not necessarily of one corporal form dear reader.  You have been following along with this story till this point.  Now if you will. you can become a part of it.  Breathe deply as you did at the beginning of the story and imagine yourself in this place here and now.  Feel the earth beneath your feet.  Smell the pungent smell of the australian bush and of pine trees. ( if ya dont know what a eucalyptus tree smells like think of eucalyptus oil LOL or just think of pine and dust).  You look down and find yourself wearing attire and any accoutrements that you desire.  You are standing in a group of rowdy pagans.  You can hear the sound of deep resonant drumming. Of voices singing.  Of chattering and laughing.  Someone offers you  a flagon of mead.   You feel the sounds and smells and visions of the place come alive around you.  You notice me standing over to the side with a group of musicians.  I grin and bow to you .  You look into my eyes and the drums increase their beat and you find yourself drifting.

You feel a heat expanding from your centre and you seem to fall downwards within yourself to a place that you remember well. It is a place that you go to when you need peace and quiet and strength.  You sense in one mind that you havent been there for a long time and in another  that it is a place that you know well and you settle down.  This space expands and takes up all your senses and you feel that  for a moment you see the night slightly differently..  The land is full for a moment of spirits weaving about... the sound of a deep droning sound.. of feet stamping the ground in a complicated beat.  Voices raised in an ululation..  Eyes and claws and teeth and tails move through your vision..  You realize that the landscape is alive and you can see the hills form shapes of mythical beings,, see shapes of  dancing aboriginal people,  animals move, trees and bushes glow.  There is energy connecting places with the curling and siniousness as if of a snake.  Somehow this energy seems to have been here for a long long time..yet you get the sense that it travelled across from somewhere else.. You get the sense of a nomadic people wandering across a bridge of land.. dogs at their side,  you watch them settle on this land and the bridge of land disapears leaving them on this large island.  You see the energy of other peoples travel and touch this land.  A vision of a cross and a man which seems to try and sweep all before it and overlays the scene you have just experienced.  You see a glint of a man sitting under a fig tree.. Of a blinding sun and a figure of a god behind it.. the images start to increase and merge together.. and move inwards, and outwards.  Yet under all the feel and sense the bones of the earth and that this continent is very very old, some of the energies you see connect and revere this energy.. like the aboriginals... some like the man with the cross seem to try and overlay something else.  You sense that this energy is a spiritual energy and is an expression of the ways in which people try and explain the world in a myriad of ways.  You take a deep breathe shake and clear your head. and look out again at the land and the sky and see it like several layers , sometimes you see a glimpse sometimes not. 

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