Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 25: The bonding (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

You hear the carrying voice of WS... calling out..

You have joined as a community.. you have danced.   You have seen that in our beliefs there is just as much dissension as there is in other spiritual paths.  We all follow the goddess and the consort and believe in the interconnectedness of our world.  How any action  we take effects others ....and on its journey gathers speed and comes eventually back to us with added impetus.  I call upon you to be aware of the earth that we live in.  For we live on the skin of the earth mother, covered with animals and plants,  each dependant on the other.  Us as human beings have been taught  that we can control the world and that we have dominion over it.  That we are the most intelligent of creatures.   Yet we are only one part of the pattern, one part of the whole. Some people feel that they can take energy from who and what they will for what they decide to be a higher purpose.  Tonight that unfortunately happened.  A lot of you probably have headaches and feel a lack of energy.  We as a group of diverse and different paths have shared and built and raised our energy …  now let it come back to you with a gift from the earth mother, the consort and the native spiritual keepers of this place. 

You hear a drum beat start up that resonates with your heart.  Behind it is the drone of the didgeridoo and the clap of sticks.   Voices lift up.. some chanting some singing.. and weave around the tent.  Smoke billows around the tent and underneath it you can hear the chink and clash of sword and shield and mail.

You look around the circle and your vision shifts to that different place, you see and feel and sense a swirl of colors and energies spinning round the tent like a spiral and a vortex.  Your eyes are drawn to the people here and you notice that each has a different mix of colors around them.. some glowing .. some dark. Some a mix… Threads descend down from the swirling energy and as they reach each person the colors match.. and for a moment the persons energy brightens and sparks..

There is sudden silence.. and all that can be heard is the sounds of the night.  

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