Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 8 AQ’s Ritual begins (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

Four wiccans in gorgeous purple and black robes that cascaded down and barely brushed the ground.. stood in a diamond formation… One was swinging a censor. Back and forth. With the scent of pine  and myrrhh and gumnastic.  The second waved an intricately tooled athame with a small crystal in the pommel and green garnets in the wooden handle reaching down to the slightly curly curved blade ( for some reason I got the white witch in my head from the lion the witch and the wardrobe.. and expected to see aslan stretched out on a cold iron table.. it was one of THOSE knives)… The Third waved a wand around.. which was the size of a small staff.  It had  a black iron point on one end.. out of which spiralled copper and gold and silver wire,  entwining  a carved wooden staff with branches and leaves on it.. to clasping a large crystal ball  .. slightly faceted.. at the other end… The fourth held  a double sided drum made out of deer skin.. with a crescent moon on one side and a full moon on the other..  The sound that was made was a low thrumming .. almost growling sound.. ( you looked around for the movie cameras and the special effects people to see if this was the remake of witchcraft the movie part 2.5). The four wiccans were chanting..”We all come from the goddess…..(bang on the drum)..(a circling of the athame and wand in breathtaking synchronicity)….In her name we do revere.. (Rpt last bang and twirl)..the growing mother.. of web and weave.. (yep BANG TWIRL)… and to her we shall once again return (a final BANG TWIRL)   On either side of the wand and athame twirlers.. were two  cloaked men.. Their cloaks were midnight black with a dark purple flair as one of them twitched his hand restlessly..  Their faces were hidden in hoods. (Cut them off at the knees and for some  reason they reminded me of those little scavengers on star trek that got r2d2.. with the red eyes grin.)  In front of them all,, waiting imperiously was the second in charge wiccan.. in her black  robe of definite magnificence.. Brown hair cascading down her back.. and hazel eyes looking imperiously at the crowd. Gesturing with impatience.. she looked off to the left.. Two more black robed priestesses came forward holding black pieces of fabric reverently in her hands… All of a sudden the drumming.. and chanting (yes AND the twirling ) STOPPED..   Into the silence a voice sliced.. WHO IS GOING TO BRAVE THE GODDESS TONIGHT.. (BANG > TWIRL and all the priestesses and priests repeating the words in a multipolyphonic chant ok so lets now shorthand this to BTC).. WHO IS GOING TO BE THE FIRST OFFERING TO HER MERCIES….. (BTC)…. STAND FORWARD NOW AND PREPARE TO BE INITIATED INTO THE INTRICACIES OF THE GODDESS THIS NITE (BTC)…   A diminuitive ladye in a purple and green swirling robe.. walked forward to stand before the priestess.  The priestess looked at her ARE YOU READY TO FACE THE GODDESS AND YOURSELF…(BTC) .. “Yes I am” replied the ladye .BEHOLD THE GUARDIANS OF THE WAY>(BTC) THEY WILL TAKE YOU THERE.. (BTC) . THE PATHWAY TO THE GODDESS IS UNSEEN AND UNKNOWN AND CAN BE TREACHEROUS TO THE UNWARY>>(BTC)>>> PREPARE TO BE CLOAKED IN SIGHT.. AND TRUST TO BE GUIDED BY THE CONSORTS  OF THE GODDESS>..(BTC) The two black robed priestesses flanked her and blindfolded her. (BTC). spun her around in a circle gently. (BTC). as the priestess intoned. NOW BEGONE TO ANOTHER WORLD. (BTC). The priestesses stepped aside and the Male priests.. came forward.. grasping the ladye gently under each elbow. And half lifting half guiding they led her off at a trot.Two more blackrobed priests appeared as if from nowhere and the litany started again for another person. Gradually one by one people disapeared into the dark night……….Now in words painted here you can feel that this is starting out to be a powerful ritual.. yet somehow it LACKS.. seeming like a empty script…..  All pomp and not a bit of feeling circumstance… and this was a feeling shared by people ( in comments afterwards this event)….

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