Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 2: The Wooden Spoon Strolls in (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

While I was setting up my tent and watching the AQ.. a beat up volkswagon combi van chugged into the camp..It was scrawled over with flowers interwoven with different coloured car panels and naturally positioned rust spots that seemed to blend in . It circled a couple of times and settled under a group of trees that I had been eying off. as they seemed to give off an interesting set of energies.. I was distracted somewhat by the AQ's entrance. and when I looked back. I noticed that there was a red headed woman dressed in a flowing caftan like robe finishing stringing up a tarpolan that stretched between the four trees..providing a roof of sorts.. Inside was haphazardly scattered cushions and a sleeping bag and pillows.. She was rummaging round in a backpack with a guyrope in one hand ..making an intuitive leap.. i grabbed a couple of tent pegs ( being a good boy scout I was always prepared with extra pegs and ropes and stuff)..and wandered over to say hi..After introducing myself she turned around and grinned and said hey nice to meet you.. you wouldnt have a spare peg handy would you.. I grinned and handed her a couple.. and helped her peg out her walls.. When we finished ( a couple of other pagans drifted over and helped put up walls and unpack her car..) One of the guyropes was tied down with pantyhose.. and the roof tarp was a hotch potch. we found a pole to provide a central point in the tent.. now turned almost tee pee.. I will call her wooden spoon or WS for short..from now on.. Ws started wandering around the campsite.. and i noticed she was seeming to look for stuff... She seemed to wander aimlessly round for a bit.. and then stopped and stooped and rose with a sort of a muffled sound of discovery..waving a piece of branch that had a bit of moss on the end and had been interestingly carve by termites and the weather.. looking around with a slightly self preoccupied look.. she whimsically said.. hmm wonder if anyone has some drums or instruments.. and some dancers.. mmm looking at each other with grins .. the group of people gathered at her site move off to their own tents and rummaging can be heard..I came back with a drum and some whistles.. my friend colin came back with another drum.. some other people wandered over with musical instruments and a couple of eastern dressed ladyes wandered over.. A drum beat was started which started gathering momentum as more drummers wandered over... and flutes .. whistles and even a set of bagpipes and a shawm joined in.. WS stood weaving with the piece of wood grasped in one hand..and then slowly her weaving became larger and she started to dance.. several people started joining in.. and a chant started with ullulations and singing.. I started feeling an energy building which spread outwards...i noticed a couple of kangaroos coming closer ..curious.. some birds settled on nearby trees and watched.. A kookaburra started laughing at one point which seemed to fit right in.. The dancing and music got more tribal and a bit funky.. and then rose upwards and then faded off with people lounging around... exhausted... nibbling on chocolate and swapping mead... WS laughed and said HEY i think this place likes me.. Quite often impromptu gatherings happened here.. and somenights we had a ritual of sorts.. somenights we just discussed..we were never quite sure what was happening next..but seemed to feel an energy and connection with the area around us..

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