Friday, November 4, 2011

A whimsical tune and point of view by forestmuse.

The nite is also of the moon and the goddess,
binding the world together in a silvery light
The grandmother moon peers down and shines her light and wisdom onto mother earth.
The night is a place of shadows and change as well as a special light that surrounds and shows your form that is not shown during the day.
Day and night revolve around the earth watched by the moon and sun.

Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, tribal and many other paths of spiritual growth are followed all over the globe.
A weave of energies twine.. sometimes connecting .. sometimes not.
Yet in the end they are all a part of the mother goddess and of the world that we live in.
Each are a path to be followed and a lesson to be learned.
Each path recognized by the follower as familiar and making sense.
Some paths are slender and followed by few.
Others are wider and have a group of people following together.
Quite often paths meet in glades where people sit and chat finding common ideas and beliefs.
Other times one path may go high over a mountain while another goes through a valley.

When following together  a path of spirit and wisdom common terms come to be used that are understood by all following that path.  Quite often some of these resonate through many paths and glades some only light and enliven the path alone.  Even on the same path different things may be seen. For one person they can see many people walking their path and mingling together.  Another may see themselves as being alone, even amidst a crowd.  Some people on the same path join hands and talk with who they meet. Others walk fast concentrating on their own vision not seeing those around them.

In glades some people keep to themselves and others stand on tree stumps and proclaim and describe their path of where they have been and where they are going, attracting people to their story and belief.
Some people sit listening to one person then another weaving each into their own personal path

Signs and labels on paths spin past… jihad.. religion… spirituality… all are merely handles on which to hold.  Some are recognized by the society around them,  witchcraft, paganism, christianity, buddhism amongst others..A handle and picture on which to define where you follow. In some cases a permission to practice in a society. 

Follow the path with heart

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