Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 24 Aq espouses (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

You bunch of drongos.. yells AQ... Im leaving this farce.  She storms out of the tent gesturing to her priests and priestesses and acolytes.  A couple of them go with her, yet a couple of them stay as well.

WS shakes her head with bemusement and points to the bard who gestures to his group who start up a tribal beat that starts to permeate the tent.  The bard winks at the faery who leaps up and starts to dance round the circle of the tent pulling people up in a conga line.  The young man with the toy drum starts playing furiously and then does a yell and runs straight for the large cauldron and leaps across it . just missing the flames.  People start getting up and dancing.  The celts bring out meade and start passing it around.  the norse bring out meade as well. 

.  The faeries get up and start a weaving dance, pulling people up from the circle to make a line of dancing people.  The ageless faery shucks his clothes and dances .. Both him and his bevies run round the circle cajoling other people to do the same.   

The aromancers toss more herbs on the cauldrons until the tent starts filling with aromatic smoke.
The faeries start removing what wisps of clothing they have and start dancing round the cauldron.

The tribal beat quickens and people start leaping over the flames of the cauldron and dancing gets more frenzied.  The shamans go round with paint brushes painting swirls and dots on people who have taken off their clothes.

You seem to see that overlay of levels as you did before.. and catch glimpses of animals and even the olde aboriginal man dancing around the circle with glee. 

The drumming quietens down and people start collapsing and falling down in the straw.  Soon there is only a drum  heart beat and the drone of the digeridoo and the tap of clap sticks.  

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