Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 22. The land (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

This land is populated by many... we need to learn to work together.  See around you.. how different traditions can communicate and cooperate.  ( you notice that the music being played from each group seems to weave and combine together).  May this blade in its power and wisdom awaken the spirit within us all.  He places the blade on a tripod next to the sheath. and bows to WS and steps back to stand beside the aboriginal shaman woman.

WS says who would take up this blade.... who would wield it.. Who considers themselves worthy.
From the back of the tent  a clear strong voice chants... I DO.  You look to see AQ striding forward.
She moves to the tripod and goes to take the sword.  A spear haft comes upward and is crossed with a sword which blocks AQ. 

AQ is confronted with a very hairy celt with a scar on his left cheek holding a very large pointed spear.  To his right is the norse cheiftan holding a very wicked looking sword.  WHO GOES THERE.
HALT.  Suprised and a little overwhelmed AQ halts in her tracks..  If you wish to take this sword you must come with action and determination and with the blessing of your ancestors.  you must come of your own self .. connected to the sacred within and respecting the sacred without. answer the riddle which only you have the key.  It is time for your warrior self to stand out  and tread with passion and strength.  Your wisdom the cutting edge of your sword.  Your compassion the defence of your spirit. Your passion and purpose your binding force. Life is action.  Making decisions.  Make it be.  You may use it glinting in the daylight as the sword of your wisdom. Why do you wish this sword and what do you intend to do with it. The two warriors stand at ease watching AQ with a wry expression and a depth to their eyes.

I come as a High priestess of the wiccan church.. and of a olde tradition.  I have studied and learnt much.  I have the discipline and the power to wield it to the better good as I see fit.  and you celts and norse will war till the world ends..

You hear laughter in the background and the faery calls. AAHHHH but what purpose....dear wiccie poos.
do you wish to use it.  Holding it in your sanctum to be seen by the worthy.  Would you hold it in your site where you will not let me be.. a mere faery a figment of someones imagination. 

I have the right.. as High priestess. and definitely to keep it from people like you. 

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