Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 5. The whirl of events. (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

Meanwhile WS was organising an interesting concept.. which was to have EVERYONE involved ALL at once in an impromptu gathering..called the heart path. The bardic circle started coming up with all sorts of devious ideas of naughty drum beats and tunes guaranteed to stir the blood.. The idea of the ritual was to put people in a space where they could have fun but also where their boundaries could be stretched if they let themselves.. part of the ritual was optionally clothed.. or skyclad..if people wanted to..Now the WS ritual was scheduled directly after AQs ritual.. ( sometimes we tried to alternate formal with letting go rituals so as not to get too bogged down.. but these two conjunctions just seemed to happen that way for no particular reason). As I mentioned before there were about 200 or so people at the gathering.. and depending on what happened you could have 2 or 10 or over 100 people turn up to your event.. and some ongoing events that groups ran used to get a following... or then again not.. The first AQ ritual was attended by a lot of people for it was advertised around the camp a lot and was touted as being quite the production.. yet as splendifourously magnificient it was to view there was somehow something lacking.. for all the shiny and watching and somehow not involved and perhaps not worthy to join in...and after a bit people would drift away and the attendance of Aqs little sourees declined... WS however was determined that all get involved and have fun.. and usually her events would extend beyond the formal ( well I use that term loosely) ending and you tended to walk away with a lift to your step and a bounce.. and felt as if you helped make it what it was and you felt a sort of energy from all around... attendance at her events grew.. Now AQ was getting a little bit perturbed at this.. ( a little point... AQ felt that her path was the one that was the best one.. and needed much study and much dedication and that it was important for peoples education that they see what should be done.. that magick should be done in controlled circumstances as it could be dangerous..and that intuition was dangerous.. I personally felt that study and focus and diligence to a path was important.. yet there were more paths than just one.. and i felt that maybe she was a little elitist..) yet for all her study i said somehow her rituals were pomp and circumstance and somehow lacked something vital.. there was no energy or lift..

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