Friday, November 4, 2011

Forest's Herbal.. Scullcap



Family:  Labiatae (mint family)
Genus: scutellaria
Botanical Name:  Scuttellaria laterifoli
Other names: Mad dogweed, blue pimpernel, hoodwart, helmet flower
Planet: Saturn                      


There are about 90 species of this plant.
From the Latin Scutella (a little dish).
Used for tetanus,rabies,to induce suppressed menstruation.


A herbaceous, slender labiate plant, scattered over various parts of the world.
The root stock is creeping. Square stems, somewhat slender, paniculately branchedDowny, oblong leaves that taper from a heart shaped base.
Flowers are in pairs.  A blue colour.

Dosage, Preparation.constituents.

Constituents: flavonoids, tannins, bitter, volatile oil, minerals.
Actions: relaxing nervine, antispasmodic,astringent, sedative.
Parts used: Herb
WARNING: this is a powerful herb, its usage should be sparing.
Overdoses can cause giddiness,stupor, confusion of mind, twitchings of the limbs, intermission of pulse.
The inhaling of the smoke either through incense or smoking. 
Steeping of leaves in tea.
Infusion #1A, 3 times.
Powder, 15-20 grains.
Herbal Combinations: see Tension Headaches: Brain Tonic: Headache tonic: Sleepless nights:

Usage and Healing:

An excellent tonic to strengthen and support the nervous system.
Herbal Usages
The inhaling of the smoke or drinking in a tea form. soothes the nerves and mind. 
Useful to decrease fear states and to help study and meditation.
Convulsions,hysteria,insomnia, hydrophobia, neuralgia,  headaches, spasms,suppressed menstruation, Nervous fear, cardiac irritability, spasms, muscular twitching, frontal headaches, Nightmares, migraine with aching eyeballs, nausea, colic, diarrhea.
Useful in substance abuse withdrawal. (alchohol, drug)
A small amount in a ritual cup can be shared at a handfasting  as the vows are exchanged, binding them and making them sacred. SEE magickal properties.

Magickal Properties:

A strengthener and binder of vows,oathes, and to consecrate vows and commitments.
to be used as protection by a spouse from  the charms of the opposite sex.
Also can be used as part of a handfasting ceremony of those willing to make a lifelong commitment.
As with any usage with intent there are consequences in breaking  a promise.

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