Friday, November 4, 2011

Forest's Herbal.. BASIL

Basil (bush)

A herb with much discussion on its virtues and qualities.
Culpepper  calls it “ a herb which all authors are together by the ears about”
It is associated with death, misfortune and love and romance, depending on who you read and talk to. 

My old herbal teacher used it as an excellent example of the wholistic aspect of all herbs.  Depending on how you use it it can either cause love  or across to misfortune. As Parkinson quotes, “ being gently handled it gives a pleasant smell,  but being hardly wrung and bruised would breed scorpions”
As one of the central tenets of many herbalists.. Like draws like.    He also commented that  maybe love is like a death of transformation.. for once you touch love then you are changed forever.  It is a herb of strength to provide fortitude and moving forward in difficult situations, so perhaps no wonder it is associated with such intense areas as love, and death. 

It is a good herb for the kitchen, useful as a green herb, in salads, soups, eggs, with nearly any red meat, in all tomato sauce and in general cooking.

Lore and Magick
Basil is associated with love and romance and also death and misfortune.

It is associated with the mythical basilisk, sometimes called basilicon.
It is seen as an antidote to  stings and bites.

It is linked with  the rites of initiation, with giving courage in times of hardship and helping  the soul on its next stage on its journey of being whether it be a shift in this life or towards the next.  It is a herb of compassion and linking together of people who eat of it at table.  An old traditional gift was a small pot of basil.   It is also planted at grave sites to speed and guide. 

It is also a powerful herb to be used in invoking courage and the strength and conviction to move forward in a centred manner no matter what the dangers or the situation.  Of protecting against the fears and perils when moving along a spiritual path.

Sweet basil can be used to invoke salamanders  elementals  of fire.

Aromatic, Tonic, Carminative, anodyne, antiseptic.
Useful externally for minor wounds, scratches, abrasions,  and bites and stings.  The Oil of this herb is soothing  and promotes quick healing.

Used as loose incense on burning coals or used as a ritual drink.

Internally it is good for irritated nerves, particularly with the stomach.

According to Gerard, That the smell of Basil is good for the heart and for the head. The seed  cures the infirmities of the heart , takes away sorrowfullness which comes of melancholy and makes a person merry and glad.

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