Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 23. The old ones stands forth (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

The old witch stands forward.   Now young one.. I do remember you dont I.  This tradition of yours I believe you state is alexandrian..that is not a particularly olde tradition....  Also I seem to remember your circle tonight ..had as many holes in it as a swiss cheese.  If I remember rightly you were the young lass who claimed to be an orphan who was guided by the spirits of the ousha... hmmmm.

Turning red AQ splutters.... the spirits told me who my real family dare you question me. you poor excuse for a soothsayer. 

The shaman speaks from behind... How can you claim that which you had no part of, no crafting of, you were asked if you wished to be part of this, and your reply was that it was silliness and not done in the proper manner.  You have no claim here.

speaking louder.. AQ said I claim by high priestess of the alexandrian order. as the only one here with the learning and rights to do this.

You hear laughter and a young man strides in.  He has curly hair garlanded with flowers and you can see horns sprouting as if from his head.  This sword is mine. as consort to the ladye I claim it.  He reaches quickly past the norse and the celt and grasps the blade quickly, and wields it.

A woman strides across the circle.. she is of earth motherly proportions, she grasps the sheath and holds it outward.  The young man bows and sheathes the sword.  Holding the sword the earth mother intones.. it seems as if there is debate about who is to use this bright blade of wisdom.

I believe the keepers of this land should hold it for us until we can decide when we can wield this together. She hands the sword to the aboriginal shaman woman with a smile, who takes it and places it back on the tripod. 

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