Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 11: The Night begins. (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

It is a beautiful night .. the stars frame the heavens is sparkling magnificence and the milky way seems tossed over the sky like a blanket.  The night is quiet and calm as if waiting for a great event.  No wind stirs the trees and all is quiet.

The priestess looks at you with a deep and smouldering gaze.  Are YOU ready to face the goddess tonight....(BTC)...(well if ya dont wanna go on with this then you betta stop reading now and go do something more interesting lol).    You reply as the others have replied before you ... YES I DO.
“Behold the guardians of the way.  ( you look at the black robed priestesses and priests).  ..(BTC)..
They will take you there....(looking at one of the priests he looks a bit unfit hope you dont get him he looks a bit tired and glazed)...(BTC).... The pathway to the goddess is unseen and unknown and can be treacherous to the unwary..(BTC)  .. Prepare to be cloaked in sight and trust to be guided by the consorts of the goddess.  (BTC).. The two black robed priestesses flank you and you feel a blindfold being put over your eyes and tied tightly.  (BTC)..  The world spins as you are turned around and around... (BTC)  as the priestess intoned. Now begone to another world.. ( BTC).. The hands are removed from you and another set of hands plae themselves under your elbows.

The hands under your elbows tighten  and you are half carried half rushed off into the darkness.  It is like a journey into the night from a gateway to a secret place hidden by the sacrosanct, by ritual and by tradition.  Guided as if to the sidhe hill mounds or to an esoteric masonic temple , or to the depths of secret chambers within a pyramid.    Several times you nearly stumble as you feel yourself going down an incline.  You hear strained breathing from the person on your left.  A couple of times you feel tugged from both sides as if you are being stretched.  You clatter across a bridge stubbing your toe.  You can hear two sets of fast running feet clatter towards you and then shoot off to either side and disapear off into the night.   As you go over the other side you get wrenched to the left and up a slope and the person on your left curses and slips and your knee smacks down on the ground grazing it slightly.  You hear muttering from the person on the other side about  damned spirits jinxing them are lifted up and half carried off.. The person on the left subvocalizes about how many MORE people did they have to bloody do.  And the idea about the blindfolds sucked..  You keep going. and your initial feeling of that adventure is a little soured by the tiredness of your escorts, and their comments.   and are brought to a sudden stop stubbing the other toe..  You can hear voices and smell smoke.

.  A deep voice reverberates and says... “You are in the temple of the wiccan sisterhood.. Are you willing to let go all of the world as you enter this sacred space. You are now deep in the embrace of the mother... far from where you have been.  Do you wish to enter here”..( you hear rustling and a space and then the voice starts up again)  Or do you wish to be cast back upon the realm called the earth.”(the voice sounds practiced as if these phrases have been said before.. and with a feeling of rote... as of something learned well yet somehow not felt or understood,, more like a jackdaw takes something bright that might fit her nest yet not understand that brightness)  You feel within for any sign that this is the appropriate thing to do.. and somehow that reaching for that inner self seems hindered... so you make an educated guess.... Your mouth opens and you hear yourself say I DO.   The sonorous voice continues....” Then prepare to be cleansed by the elements and by sacred magick.”  You feel water being splashed on your face...... “ Feel the flow of the seas of the blood of the earth mother.. may it cleanse you of the storms and turbulence of life and bring you to the calm pool of repose.”  You feel heat being passed close to your eyes and face....”Feel the passion of the earth.. feel the magma of her form pass by... Feel all the dross and weight and old forms being burned away and you released into the cleansing fire.”    You feel the whistle of wind on your face...” May the winds of the earth carry away the thoughts and attachements that refuse to let go.. Feel the gale take it all away and blow you dry  and clean..” You feel the rich smell of earth being passed by your face... : May you gain energy from the centre of all being... where all sustenance and growth has its source... feel grounded and connected to the earth mother. ( a space and a rustling of pages)  Are you willing to give this energy to a higher purpose.” “ So that we can craft energy tonight and in this place”  You intone Yes , not really thinking of the consequences.  “  Now be marked by the gatekeepers for all to see and know..  You feel a sigil being inscribed on your brow.  and a heat. as if by the giving of permission you feel a energy connection between you and the high priestess being made. .. Then your blindfold is removed..(As your blindfold is removed you smile at the ritual as.. you try and remember where it came from for it is familiar... you shrug and continue with the show..)

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