Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 3: The Kadaichaman sits. (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

Now this site that the gathering was held upon happens to be near an aboriginal burial ground and a aboriginal sacred site.. surrounded by mountains.. A quick explanation.. Australian Aboriginals are traditionally nomads who roamed over Australia not stopping in one place for too long.. ( australia is a sparse and quite unforgiving continent where resources can be scarce) the aboriginals would stay in one spot for a bit and then making sure they did NOT fully utilize the food or ressources. Make sure more would grow and replenish and move on. Burial grounds were usually places of power..(you know that sort of place where you feel a tingling and a sort of specialness and a sort of haunting prickling of being near a gateway to somewhere else).. (aboriginal burial sites were in trees.. raised off the ground on platforms or in hollow logs in the crooks of trees)...The aboriginals were a believer in what was called the dreamtime.. which is a way of explaining the world in a spritual sense. in that everything is connected and has a purpose.. and there are different realms that can be travelled to.. In this burial ground was buried the bones of a very ancient and old kadaichaman ( translated as medicine man or shaman).. He was an irascible spirit and according to the aboriginals who I chatted to was a bit of a cheeky bugger (translated from australian as a person with an unusual sense of humour and a sense of prankishness).. this Kadaichaman.. who I shall refer to as KM would quite often poke his nose into the gathering.. and participate in some of the rituals. He seemed to have a sense of doing pranks.. but had a great deal of respect for people who followed their heart and respected the land and its creatures and tried to link into what was around them...He had a great sense of wickedness to those who did all the steps and rituals but didnt have their heart into it.. Who i would call Play pagans.. those who wanted to be a PAGAN not necessarily because they were in touch but because HEY this book is kuhl .lets follow this.. or I want to cast a SPELL.or hey that robe LOOKS good on me.. In short .. those pagans who range from those who try hard but just dont connect with the flow to those who do it for the power or the attention or coz its popular. Anyway KM tended to wander round the site.. initially the group of us who ran this gathering..( the Pagan summer gathering.. it is called or the PSG.. run by a group of pagans who wanted to get everyone together to celebrate summer and have a GOOOD time) .. became aware of KM and initially because of his pranks and his feeling of not being invited to participate used to do all sorts or stuff. blow tents over. cause candles to not light.. make paraphenalia disapear. But after a while we got the idea he was a good sort.. a fair dinkum bloke as we say.. Now Km had a bit to do with AQ and WS which we shall go into in abit. just thought id bring him in.. LOL sorry for the length but I do love telling stories and havent done it here for a while.. and you are probably wondering what the heck has this to do with taking stuff on a trip grin.. follow on dear reader and all shall be revealed..

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