Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 6 The gathering of elders (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

 AQ decided that WS was teaching bad habits and approached the circle that ran the gathering to get her rituals closed down.. It was politely explained that all paths were accepted here.. and that the circle ( I was a member) which was drawn from ALL the traditions of the gathering.. kept a protection round the site and made sure there was at least one or more members of the circle at EACH and every event.. to provide a link and to watch and make sure nothing got out of hand.. We also told her of KD and now he tended to wander around and that we tended to let him go.. and suggested that however she make sure she respected the local spirits and acknowledge them... AQ turned to us and with an uplift of her eyebrows and a penetrating look proceeded to tell us of the higher spirits that she called as a HP ( high priestess) and that her circle was a special space set by her and not dependant on any outside interupptions of influence. and that the aboriginal mythos was far inflated and in fact a myth and that her guides and powers would protect her from any ragmuffin trouble makers.. (at this point most of the circle tried to stop smiling.. several of us remembering a poor academic who studied the goddess kali.. and whenever he tried to do a ritual either the ornate altar kept falling over for NO reason.. or several occassions his tent just blew down as he began.. or he said he started feeling as if someone was watching him.. the poor man was totally unnerved.. until we suggested he welcome the local spirits.. and after that .. he actually connected and had an incredible spiritual experience ( his first) which left him a changed man).. so we kept our counsel only suggesting that prior experience suggested that reverence to local spirits is prudent and no we could NOT stop someone from conducting rituals that as far as we saw had no problems.. (we had to close down a voudoo ritual as it wasnt sealed quite right and rather interestingspirits were drifting around attracted by the gaping hole in the ether..).. aq went of fuming about non professional pagans.. and secondly... looking sternly at me,  I find that your so called bardic circle does NOT play in a proffessional manner and cant seem to precisely follow my instructions.  So I will be using taped music and not needing your services.   Thirdly... The aromancers will not tell me what they put in their concoctions and also I dont know if they were prepared correctly... so I will be relying on the services of mr t cunninghams book.. I am sure my acolytes can follow simple instructions.  Fourthly.. keep those faeries under control.  I will not have them running around.  and get them to wear some clothes.   Fifthly..
would you inform the witches that they are NOT needed as ( she sniffs) they just dont have the formal training.  Sixthly...those shamans are a disgrace, kindly do not have them travelling to those realms and upsetting my energy balance.  Now I feel that my ritual is very important and that everyone SHOULD attend.  I am most upset at people not coming along as I feel that they could benefit from some discipline and knowledge.  I am a family traditional wiccan from the voudou, celtic and alexandrian tradition.  (at this point .. I distinctly remember this ladye.. hmmm wasnt she at the second PSG claiming to be a voudoin priestess that was called to it by the spirits and how she was adopted and didnt know her family.)  ( and wasnt that voudoo ritual we closed down because it wasnt sealed correctly.. and the interesting spirits drifting around attracted by the gaping hole in the ether HERS hmmmm).  She was informed that we will not and cannot make people turn up to a ritual.. as it is their choice about what and where they attend.  As far as behaviour and professionalism.. we have had no complaints on what you have mentioned , but we will now be aware thankyou for your valuable input.  

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