Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 18. Methinks AQ is flustered.(The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

Chapter 18.  Methinks AQ is flustered.

The main priestess looks a bit flustered and she gestures  to a priestess as she tears round the circle. but the acolytes are confused and skitter around for a moment in confusion.  The acolyte with the book looks beseechingly towards the men robed in black, and then the head priestess.  She looks grim for a moment then shakes her head curtly.   She rustles through her notes for a moment and gestures with four fingers..  You see  the group frantically turning pages.  Meanwhile you notice the energyof the circle dissapating and the mottled colours you saw earlier increasing.  The olde man circles and you see him poking and then an area in front of him sparks and turns black.  He gestures and behind him you see a group of people garbed  in paints and ochres carrying spears and small wooden shields.  They enter the circle and head towards the altar.  Your vision shifts and you see a wind blow into the tent, the ornate altar seeming to totter on one edge, one of the acolytes seems to trip and tugs the altar cloth which pulls the candles and carefully arranged items out of skew. 

The HP seems to have a conduit connected into the energy of the circle and is like a spider having the energy directed towards her priests, priestesses and acolytes.   As the energy builds. you a picture of her in the centre radiant in energy ... with people bowing down to her and her dispensing the manna to who she feels deserves it. 

The energy that was building up in a spiral lashes around the circle, pulling from each person  and dissapates through the black holes and up into the sky.  The head priestess who is running round the circle screaming at the top of her voice.
and then DOWN DOWN DOWN.. and all the acolytes and priestesses and priests fall down flat on the ground.  The head priestess seems to trip and falls down in a nose dive into the hay.  with her legs up in the air. Two quick thinking priests hoist her up. and she totters for a moment.  you glimpse and you are sure you see the olde man removing a spear shaft from where he had held it .. just where the high priestess tripped.  The high priestess is a bit skew wiff... yet somehow the straw in her previously immaculate hair.. and the robe riding up her leg caught in her belt gives her a somewhat more human appeal.  Raising both arms shakingly up to the skies she intones... the energy has been gathered and assigned to its purpose.

A lot of people in the circle look to be drained somehow,  and you feel a bit of a headache. 

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