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A journey of sound and imagination the path of the bard

Music and sound are central parts of me as a person and also of my spiritual path.  It permeates everything I do and hear.  I would like to guide you through a bit of a journey to discover and explore sound through the ears , eyes and body of a bard.  This is an interactive experience.  I will be using a combination of exercises and sounds, to give you an idea of the journey we are going through.  Most of my adventures involve a wholistic approach, that incorporates the body, mind, heart and spirit.  In a sense an event and a process, some might call it almost a ritual.  So follow me along this journey if you wish,  experiencing an adventure.
Remember that you are your own person, and it is your choice as to what you experience , how you experience it and what you take from this.  My aim is to give you an idea of concepts of sound and music.
To in effect absorb you into sound.  In the same way that an artist would absorb you into their paintings.
To give you an idea how my music is an all encompassing  life for me.  It also will give you a view into the spiritual and everyday life of one who follows the bardic path.   I will include snippets and aspects that cover varous

 I will be using sounds as we work our way through.  A advisory note, these sounds will be midi sounds, the quality of these sounds depend entirely on your computer and your sound card.
Audio sounds take much longer to down load .  So in some instances you might have to use imagination..with the sound.

I will be using a couple of physical exercises based on yoga, meditation and martial arts.  You can either actually do the exercises or merely do them in your mind using your imagination.

Breathing  and breathe is the most important aspect of anyones being.  Yet it is very important and vital for a bard who uses voice and music.  Breathing deeply from within is a vital technique.  The ancient yoga and martial arts of becoming aware of the breathe brings you into the present moment. Breathing in and out, it is easy to become aware of your breathe and follow it.  It is by breathe that I speak and play music and tell stories.

Your spirit is a combination of many things.  Being on the web in some ways we are limited in what we can use.   Yet to me also imagination is an amazing resource, which underlies creation, books, meditation, visualization, and is tied into your intent as well. 

With any thing that I do I make sure I am centred and aware of my self.  That I am focused and intent on what I am doing.   Below is a couple of exercises that can help.  Please adapt them to work for you. I found in conducting meditation. Yoga and martial art classes that each person is different, or as I put it no one tune is the same.

I will be working through body and breathe and sound .

body grounding
This is how I get my body centred and is a very basic technique there are many different variations.

Head and neck.
Slowly lower head towards left shoulder,
gently stretch neck and letting neck relax
breathe in and then on the outbreath return head to centre.
Slowly lower head towards left shoulder
gently stretch neck and letting neck relax
breathe in and then on the outbreath return head to centre.

Slowly lower head backwards, gently stretch neck and let neck relax.
Breathe in and then on the outbreath return your head to the centre.
Slowly lower head forwards and rest chin on chest.,
gently stretch neck and let neck relax.
Breathe in and then on the outbreath return your head to the centre.

Starting with chin on chest,
slowly roll your head over your left shoulder,
round your back
over your right shoulder
till you come round to the front again.
Do this SLOWLY and gently about 5 times.
REVERSE the direction.

Rotate your left shoulder in a cartwheel motion
swinging from front to back in a arc.
Feeling the tension loosen out. Do it again from back to front.
Shake out your arm gently letting it loosen and flop.
(Do the same with your right shoulder.)
Do the same with BOTH arms together.
Then gently shake out your arms feeling the tension shake out like droplets from
your fingers to be soaked up by the ground beneath your feet.


Lift your left foot off the ground,
pointing your toe towards the ground.
Rotate your leg in a clockwise direction in a small circle
stretching your leg as you go.
Feeling the stress and kink release out.
Take your foot in your left hand
lift the leg up bending until your foot goes as far as it is comfortable.
Leaning forward slightly bend the leg up and stretch the whole leg feeling your hip
loosen slightly


For the moment we will deal with the ancient computer stance.. and I will include
standing , sitting and lying stances as well.  How your stance is composed effects the energy flow in your body, whether it is blocked or flowing.


Stand in a relaxed position.
Feel as if you have a steel rod going from the top of your head down your spine into
the ground.
That this rod is supporting you so you can let your body relax.
Feet slightly apart. (toes facing the front)
Legs very slightly bent.
Hands loosely by your sides gently curled.

Sitting at computer

Feet flat on the floor, legs relaxed and not cramped.
Your bottom sitting back against the back of the chair.
If your chair is adjustable make sure the back of the chair is adjusted to fit your
lower back comfortably.
Arms should be relaxed and the keyboard should be in easy reach. ( Use a wrist
guard if you can to stop your wrist dropping and stressing)
The Keyboard should be straight in front of you as should be your monitor to
minimize twisting of arms torso and head.

Lying down.

Lie on your back (with a small pillow under your lower back if its needful).
Legs a couple of inches apart. Feet gently splayed outwards.
Arms close by your sides your hands rolled outward and gently curled.
Feel as if you are gently stretched from head to toe..
That you are gradually sinking into the surface you are lying on as you breathe.

Breathe focus
Imagine a cool winter day when the air comes out of your nose and mouth in silvery
white plumes.
Feel the icy freshness of the air.
Take a gentle , slow , deep breath in through your nose.
Feel the air entering your body and flowing slowly down your nasal passage, past
your pallete
Down your throat into your lungs.
Hold your breathe and feel your heart beat and the oxygen flowing out through your
Feel the toxins and wastes gathered up.. and as you breathe OUT feel it all flowing
out of your body.
Do this a couple of times.

Diaphragm… the squeeze box of breathe.

You diaphragm is located below your rib cage towards your lower back.
It is likened to a squeeze box. Or a bellows.
Most people breathe shallowly from their chest or stomach region and not lower
When you breathe normally your stomach rises with your in breathe and falls with
your out breathe.
Tense your stomach muscles so that when you breath there is resistance to your
stomach moving.
Put your hand on your lower back ..
The other about an inch and a half down from your sternum bone.
You will then feel your diaphragm a little bit more now. Feel it move as you breathe
Feel as if you are breathing into a Looong tube that is deep deep down.
When you breathe feel as if you are breathing from your toes.
(don't get discouraged if you cant feel a difference).
Try the visualizations of breathing from your feet .

Basic Mediation Breathe V 1.01.

Breathe In through your nose (be aware of your diaphragm).
Breathe in on a count of 1000 , 2000,3000, 4000.
Hold the breath for the same count.
Release the breathe on the same count.
Hold for the same count.
Start the cycle again.

Everyone develops their own timing.
The technique with this breathe is the SAMENESS of the in and out flow.
This helps to create a ongoing flow for meditation.


A Brief Drum Meditation.

                           Stand in a relaxed position.
                       Feet slightly apart legs slightly bent.
                        Hands held loosely at your sides.
                         Take a couple of deep breaths.

                        As you take your deep breathes.

                                 I sit and focus
                       slowly drums and plays some music
                      vizualizes your toes and works slowly
                  in a swirling pattern up your body inch by inch
          as you breathe in you take in fresh energy from the earth mother
            as you breath out your sickness and crap and any residuals
                    is gathered up by the drumming and music
              and you can feel the vibrations going through your body
                         cleansing and massaging gently
                             relaxing your muscles
                      wiping away all old stuff and residuals
                        slowly swirling around your body
                                 getting higher
                         and it moves above your head
                       you are encased in a swirling energy
                sucking gently away at all the detrius and residuals
                      cleaning you with the elements of life
                       the vortex closes gently around you
                       you are surrounded by a safe place
                     insulated from the world for a moment
                   your favorite place in the whole wide world
                       a place you feel safe and protected
                      you are cleansed like a new born babe
                and for a moment you have time to gather your self
                   without the pressures of the everyday world
                          feel the sunlight basking you
                              the rain washing you
                             the wind brushing you
                 the night cleansing you with the moon in the sky
                            magickally a day passes
                             your breathe smoothes
                                 and you relax
                        and gradually the vortex dissolves
                    the everyday world gradually coming back
                        yet you find that it is a bit easier
                      as you have been cleansed and rested
                            if for a seeming moment.

                          Gently the drumming softens.
                                  I sit back.

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