Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 20: The Sound of Heart (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

The young man with the toy drum leaps up and starts twirling beating it with a frenzy.  The man next to him smiles, and unslings a long object at his side, it is a hollowed out tree branch, he rubs the beeswax at one end checking it.  Reaching into his belt he pulls forth a clapping stick.  He nestles his mouth into the end of the instrument ( the word didgeridoo comes into your head).  He looks at the man in green who smiles and then taps out four loud beats on his drum.  At each beat the drumming and singing drops off and you can hear underlaying it all a deep droning  sound.  You hear a second similar sound join it and notice there is another man sitting across from  the other didgeridoo player blowing into his own instrument.  You notice that it is here that the droning sound is coming from.  The droning sound becomes louder as the drums and voices decrease.  You hear the resonant tapping of sticks and see each of the men tapping a stick on the body of their didgeridoo.  In the background behind the man in green you see a couple of other people tapping sticks.  After the fourth beat of the drum dies away .... all you hear is the swirling sound of the droning digeridoo and the tapping of sticks.  The sound changes and you think you hear a deep barking sound and then the sound of animals and birds.  You hear a voice in the background making a nasal  sound of  syllables that seem to drift across the tent.

The drummers and didgeridoo players start walking around  WS in the centre of the circle. Their drums held down low.  

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