Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 19: The gathering of strings Wooden Spoon stirs

You feel a gathering of energy and see the bard, the ladye with the large drum the aromancer, the faery,  both of his consorts ( who now seem to shuck of that role and gleam ) ,the celtic shaman, the big hair woman,  the woman with the claymore,  the earth mother witch,  and the sharp featured witch, together with the monk like man connect somehow and  then bow to the kadaichaman , and together gather the dissapating energy which is held,  Then the connection between the HP and the rest of the circle is blocked which seems to unsteady the HP for a moment.  

Gathering herself, the HP intones all is done all is gathered all is in purpose.  We thank you all for being part of this circle.. moving around the circle she opens the circle .. may it remain open yet unbroken..
and with that the wiccan group singing and drumming file outof the tent.  You are somehow left hanging ... as if something didnt happen... with a slight headache and a sense of being ripped off almost.  As you are sitting there you notice that a lot of the people that you had seen earlier have seemed to have vanished.

WS walks into the centre of the circle. near to the cauldrons. She is holding her little branch..  She waves it above her head and points to the corner where the majority of the musicians are.  Some drums start up with a deep resonant heart beat.  Gradually more and more drums join in with syncopated beats ...A harp starts playing and the drums drop down behind it..  Over the harp a female voice rises..( you look over and notice a slight lass next to big hair has started singing).. and that voice captures your heart with its beauty. . singing the old song of the battle of the trees.  Another female voice joins in. (big hair).. and a male voice joins in.. and then two more females.  (one is the gothic woman you saw before). 

WS gestures again.. 

The aromancers quietly rise up grabbing bags and move like wisps of the wind to the centre and start tossing in bundles of herbs with flourishes and chanting.   You feel a shift in the atmosphere as a strong yet somehow balanced mix permeates the tent,, grounding you and pulling the scattered energies to earth. The smell of ancient places wafts through your being.. a tangy yet musty smell of places long left.  Your nose crinkles as heat is passed under it and nearly sneezes at the sudden intensification of the smoke and aroma.  At some point you notice that the song had finished. and that there was only a deep thrumming sound in the background with the voices now toning ( toning is a technique where it is like going OMMMMM or AHHH keeping the voice at one note..)  The head aromancer unleashes his drum and looks at the man in green with an uplifted brow..  The man in green gestures to the group around him which forms in a semi circle with him as its centre.  Both the head aromancer and the bard start a beat which  thrums at the bottom of  hearing.  It pulls and centres. You feel vibration at your feet passing through your body like the rings in a pool expand after an object is thrown in.  Any tenseness is felt as a heat which fires up and then dissapates outwards.  The sound passes around your body in a spiral.

The lead aromancer ( who by the way is one of the head shamans) nods.. and  out of the corners and other places stride drummers.  I stride out wielding a deep sounding pottery drum.. One of the celts strides out holding a bodhrain..One of the witches strides out holding a frame drum and an ornately carved and feathered beater. The dark haired consort strides out with a darambukah.. Gradually about 20 drummers stride out forming a circle facing inwards to WS. 

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