Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 26. Celebration and an ending of this story.. bows. (The athame queen the wooden spoon and the bard)

WS voice rises again,,  blessed be and merry met.. and now it is time for celebration.. for the gifts we have received and the gifts we have shared and given.  Drink and share the water of life.. Eat and share the bounty of the earth.  (you see flagons being passed round and trays with food).  Now stay a while and talk and play and sing and dance.  For this is the spiral of life , always here, never closing.  Blessed be.. Blessed be.   WS nods… and the music starts up again.. and over in one corner  someone starts singing the battle of the trees.  Some people start dancing .. some stop and chat.. The scene whirls for a moment and it gradually fades and you find yourself back in your favorite spot and place.

Now is the time to leave this story and to gather yourself and come back into the world as we know it.
I thank you for joining me for this tale…  and hope it entertained and perhaps informed..  As with life there are no tidy endings…. The Australian pagan scene is a conglomerate of a variety of peoples.  Sometimes we work together.. a lot of times we don’t.. There are people who are in paganism for a number of different reasons.  I would like to say that AQ saw the error of her ways.. yet she still goes around the same manner.. attracting new people who are gathered to her like a moth to flame.. Yet she tends to not keep all that many around for all that long.  WS is still wandering around looking for that perfect stick.. Sometimes her rituals go together with flow, and sometimes they work  and don’t work.. Looking at the way tools were seen and used seems to point that  it doesn’t matter WHAT the tool is it is what goes into it.  There is a place for ritual and a place for intuition.  There are also a myriad of different paths and flavours.  It is up to you to explore and follow what you will from YOUR heart.

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